This month we took a bit of a world tour for our discovery day. We discussed December holidays around the world. Our goal with this day was to allow our students a glimpse into how families celebrate holidays in December in all different ways. We then brought it back to ourselves and discussed how we celebrate the holidays with our family. We showed pictures and a few videos outlining different holidays in December around the world to give our students a visual representation of the celebrations we were discussing. We then shared similarities between the celebrations and then compared it to how we celebrate with our family. We noticed that even though every family in our class celebrates Christmas, we all have different traditions! We all shared what we love about celebrating Christmas and made a web chart to reflect our contributions. Over the month, we will continue to build on what we have learned with activities, books and reflection opportunities available.

We then focused on the Winter Solstice, the first day of winter, and discussed the science behind the changing seasons. We worked on a mini-book that shared information about solstice celebrations and we are working to create Winter Solstice crowns to wear at our Winter Solstice Concert on Tuesday December 21st.

Another fun day and we learned so much about ourselves and our world!

World Discover Day - Holidays Around the World