In honour of Earth Day, our Myth or Fact this month relates to the climate crisis. There is a lot of information out there – have you been swayed into believing some of these common climate crisis myths?

  1.  “Earth’s Climate Has Always Been Changing. This is No Different.”
  2.  “It’s Cold Outside So Global Warming Isn’t Real.”
  3.  “The Sun is Responsible For Global Warming.”
  4.  “Humans Release An Insignificant Amount of CO2. We Can’t Be the Cause of Global Warming.”
  5.  “Not All Scientists Agree That Humans are Causing Climate Change.”
  6.  “So What? Climate Change Isn’t Even That Bad.”
  7.  “There’s Nothing We Can Do About It.”
  8.  “Renewable Energy is Too Expensive.”
  9.  “[Insert Country Here] is the Problem, They Should Fix It!”
  10.  “It’s Too Late.”

Get the facts! Learn more about our climate crisis, what we can do, and what makes these statements myths.