Education. Rooted in Nature.

Education. Rooted in Nature.

Education. Rooted in Nature.

Kindergarten Program

JK/SK (3.8 years up to 6 years). Our two year nature-based Full-time and Part-time Kindergarten program offers an enriched learning experience during the most formidable years of a child’s life. Your child must be 3.8 years by December 31st, 2020 to participate for the 2020/2021 school year.

Grade One & Two

Our nature inspired program balances Forest School and Ontario curriculum, providing students with the foundation they need to foster a love of learning, an appreciation for the natural environment, and a connection to the world around them.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

– Albert Einstein

Our innovative teachers are registered Early Childhood Educators, Certified Ontario Teachers, Environmental Educators, Forest School Practitioners, or qualified in their field. We are dedicated to delivering high quality experiences through the application of Forest School and Ontario Curriculum. This offers a balanced learning approach through a mix of hands-on teacher led and child directed opportunities.

Our days vary throughout the week with two mornings (Mon/Wed) and one full day (Fri) immersed in Nature. During our time in the Forest, teacher directed science workshops are offered, which are guided by place based learning. Free play is an important aspect of our program and children are given time each day to explore and engage freely (in the Forest and at our home base). Throughout the week, teacher one-on-ones and mini-workshops including music & drama, foreign languages, geography, history, health & wellness, art and S.T.E.A.M are offered. We regularly have experts from our community join us to share their skills and inspire us with new experiences. We value being connected to our community and encourage parent participation and volunteers to join us in our programs (please note that considerations for volunteers are guided by public health while COVID restrictions are in place).

Please see a sample of our daily schedule below:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 9:00-9:45 Walk to Forest/Morning Circle Morning Circle/Free Play Walk to Forest/Morning Circle Morning Circle/Free Play Walk to Forest/Morning Circle
Snack & Free play 9:45-10:30 Snack & Free Play Snack & Free Play Snack & Free Play Snack & Free Play Snack & Free Play
Period 2 10:30-11:15 Science group lesson Group Language Science group lesson Group Language Group skill lesson
Period 3 11:15-12:00 Free play Language Workshop Free play Language Workshop Free play
Lunch 12:00-12:45 Transition to school Lunch Transition to school Lunch Lunch
Period 4 12:45-1:30 Free play Health & Wellness Free play Health & Wellness Free play
Period 5 1:30-2:15 French Math Group Lesson Art Math Group Lesson S.T.E.A.M
Period 6 2:15-3:00 Music Math Workshop Art Math Workshop S.T.E.A.M
Snack & Free play 3:00-3:45 Snack & Free Play Snack & Free Play Snack & Free Play Snack & Free Play Transition to School, Snack & Free Play
Home 3:45-4:00

Kindergarteners and Grade 1’s/2’s have separate Math and English lessons/ workshops.

We offer small class ratios (1:10) which allows us to not only apply the Ontario Curriculum, but connect our learning to the world around us in an authentic way. What makes our program exemplary is our fluid approach to curriculum which allows us to tailor our weekly focus in line with the child’s interest, real life happenings, and development level. We offer self-directed outdoor play opportunities that encourage positive social competence and emotional intelligence, problem solving and executive functioning skills, as well as autonomy. Our Teacher directed sessions follow curriculum expectations and offer preparedness for deeper exploration in their surroundings.

A minimum of 3 hours per day is spent outside, unless dangerous weather prevents us. This integration with nature allows children to build resilience and self preservation as they navigate how to keep themselves comfortable and safe in the changing environment. Our indoor classrooms are set up to utilize and encourage the use of natural materials and tools for investigation (microscopes, computers), and to bring the outside indoors through intentional provocations to build on their current skills.

Our day begins at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm. Before and after-school care is available.

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