Niagara College BioBlitzWHEN: April 15, 2023, 6 A.M. TO 4 P.M.
WHERE: Niagara College Campus

Join us on April 15th as we gather for our first in-person Bioblitz since 2019! Attend for as many of the day’s events as you wish.

Please register for this event at:
This will help us determine the proper amount of food to order for all people who attend. More details to come as we receive them.

A BioBlitz is an event that completes an intense biological survey of a specified area. The event is volunteer-based and involves scientists, community members and amateur enthusiasts, coming together with the common goal of identifying as many species as possible within the specified time frame. BioBlitz events are increasing in popularity, as they promote citizen science, engage the public and produce species inventories. These events are intended to provide a ‘snap shot’ of the species diversity found in a location and the data collected helps create a baseline for researchers and the local community to monitor biodiversity over time. With anthropogenic factors (such as development, pollution and climate change) affecting species and their habitat, BioBlitz events conducted by citizen scientists are needed more than ever.